Screening for gynaecological cancers and
pre-cancer lesions


​A pap smear and associated test i.e., HPV testing, allows us to assess for cancer or pre-cancer lesions of the cervix.

The tests are done annually to every 3-5 years.

Contraception for all age groups

We will explore to find a suitable contraceptive that suits your lifestyle and future fertility desires.

Management of Miscarriages

A pregnancy loss before viability

i.e., 24 weeks.​

We treat couples going through miscarriages with compassion.​

We work along with remarkably high tech- laboratories to establish the cause to reduce or ameliorate risk in the future.


Gynaecological surgery or procedures

These includes open and minimally invasive surgery to treat gynaecological ailments.

 Infertility work-up

Six out of 10 couples struggle to conceive spontaneously. Our commitment is to assist couples with basic infertility treatment and refer those requiring high tech reproductive techniques.


Management is individualised according to the patient's symptoms and risk profile.