Prenatal Care

The purpose of this consultation is to prepare the couple as they plan their pregnancy.

Ideally done three months pre-conception.

The woman is assessed and screened for co-morbid disease.

Immunization against conditions like rubella is ascertained.

Antenatal Care

This entails serial visits with the doctor throughout your pregnancy, from the first trimester to delivery.

The visits are monthly and at times can be fortnightly to ensure a healthy mom and a healthy baby.


Expect 8-12 of these visits to the doctor during your pregnancy. There will be some blood tests done as well as ultrasound assessments.


Care of a woman in labour.

It includes management of labour and delivery vaginally (spontaneous or 

assisted) and C-section.


Postpartum Care

Comprises of two visits-

10 days post-delivery and 6 weeks post-delivery, to ensure that parents are settling well in their new roles and to ascertain that infant feeding is going well.

It's an opportunity to screen for postnatal depression and to discuss contraception options.